Green River Preserve Mission

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“The mission statement of Green River Preserve is to provide a challenging and nurturing learning experience and inspire a deep appreciation of interconnectedness, ecological respect, and the joy of living.”

Green River Preserve Goals

Intellectual Growth:

To mentor campers in their quest as future leaders and stewards of the land. To expose children to a wide variety of the natural sciences and foster an awareness of the wonder and complexity of the natural world. To offer experiences for children to learn from a community where ideas, creativity, and discovery are celebrated.

Physical Growth:

To provide a safe, non-competitive, and healthy outdoor living experience for children. To introduce children to a wide variety of life time learning skills and activities such as hiking, camping, creative arts and fly-fishing.

Social Growth:

To offer campers a safe, supportive community based on respect where individuals are allowed to “Be their Best Me.” To provide an atmosphere free of materialism and cliques where the quality of one’s character is what really matters.

Spiritual Growth:

To inspire discovery of the interconnectedness of the natural world and the growth of personal virtues and morality. To encourage campers to have a greater respect and understanding of themselves, their environment, and their fellow man.