108 Ninth Graders Visit GRP for a School Trip

By Anne Mead

Last week kicked off GRP’s Fall Session, which means the return of school groups! Durham Academy’s 108 ninth graders were our lucky visitors for this beautiful first week of September, and it has been loads of fun and learning for campers and staff. The first year of high school for all, students bonded together as they discussed the meaning of bravery during a Night Exploration, as they faced fears of spider crickets and claustrophobia in the Cave, or as they shared favorite Gossip

Girl characters over a scrumptious lunch of pizza and salad. Additionally, they acquired stalking and strategic skills through playing Predator Prey and were introduced to “waste not” eating practices during meals. Regardless of circumstance, students and teachers were able to spend time getting to know each other as they explored the Preserve.

One of the greatest aspects of Green River would be the variety of hikes we offer campers. Normally, each morning is spent traversing trails, adventuring around and learning about the natural world. Durham Academy’s students had the particular pleasure of experiencing two hikes in one day: one hike with a breath taking view and the other involving waterfalls or the river. This week’s hikers experienced an added thrill by encountering both a Copperhead snake and a Timber rattlesnake on separate hikes. All participants were guided safely around our reptilian friends while simultaneously getting a closer look at the local wildlife. Each hiking group concluded their nature walks with an added knowledge and familiarity with various life forms including plants, animals, and humans alike.

The students this week have offered a genuine curiosity and enthusiasm to the world around them that has strengthened not only their interpersonal relationships, but also the purpose of the staff. It is essential to be reminded of the gifts and vitality of those in every stage of life and this week’s experience has done just that. Durham Academy has proven to be a refreshing and inspiring start to GRP’s fall program!