2011-2012 Green River Preserve Annual Fund

By Sandy Schenck

During the summer of 2011, close to 500 children spent time at Green River Preserve as a camper at base camp or as an expeditioner in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains or Outer Banks.   These curious and creative young people became “their best me at GRP.”   The positive impact GRP had on them is a gift unlike any other gift.

At Green River Preserve, we believe that curious and creative children are the future leaders of the world.  We believe summer camp is the place to develop these future leaders.  We believe Green River Preserve is the summer camp that does it.

Your gifts to Green River Preserve’s Annual Fund help ensure that GRP will continue to offer a unique summer camp for curious and creative children — our future leaders.  Every gift, big or small, makes a difference and your participation is vital.  This year, we hope you will put Green River Preserve high on your list.   To make a gift, please visit our website: www.greenriverpreserve.org or mail one to:  Green River Preserve, 301 Green River Road, Cedar Mt., N.C. 28718.    THANK YOU!!!