2011 Summer Staff Buzz

By Sandy Schenck

Here’s a sneak preview of the staff to date… stay tuned for more!

Summer Program assistants: Catherine Schenck and Becca Shareff

Expeditions Returners:
Outer Banks:   Robin Weeks and Brian Roche
Blue Ridge:   Ben Nelson and Herbie Walters

Returners:  Rich Preyer, Caroline Ellerbee, Elan Solvensen, Howell Burke, Ben Wyrick
Returning Rotating mentors:  veterans, Hawk Hurst (ses. 1) and Star Ellis (ses. 5 & 6)
Returning Parent mentor:  Owen Kenny (ses. 6 & 7)
New to mentorship, but not to GRP:  Cat Bloodwell (once upon a time a GRP counselor)
New Mentors:  Case Kennedy and Travis Gay – all supercalafragalisticexpialadousus!!!!

Support Staff:
Arts and Crafts Coordinator:  Noelle Fehn, returning after a 5 year absence!!!
Farm intern:  Carson Ellis (super counselor, camper, daughter of Star)
Office helper/ parent:  Rebecca Kenny (ses. 6 & 7)
Gofer Extraordinaire: Laurinda Schenck

UNC-CH:  Lizzie Smith, Kartik Sethuraman, Pat Almquist, Hugh Koeze, Leigh Fairley
UNC-W:  Alex Goldstein, Lea Crusen
WCU:  Sam Rawls
App St:  Cameron Nalls
Yale:  Rachel Ett
Scripps:  Vivian Delchamps
Wake Forest:  Olivia Campbell
Elon:  Avery McGaha
Georgia:  Matthew Tyler
Clemson:  Sean Papa
Furman:  Gillian Small
Sewanee:  Meg, Armistead, Ellie Renner
Pamona:  Carter Ruff
Arizona St:  Kristen Freeh
Davidson:  Emma Parks

Our mentors, expeditions staff, support staff , many returning, some new are graduates or students at amazing schools such as: Princeton, Wake Forest, Mt. Holyoke, Hollins, Brevard, Oberlin, Duke, University of Vermont, Colorado State, Montana State, University of Florida, University of Virginia, Florida Gulf, University of Idaho, Miami, Berea College, Furman, Davidson, Sewanee, Chapel Hill, Appalachian State, and more.

Stay tuned for updates on additional counselors, co-counselors, mentors, support staff, kitchen staff, wellness staff and camp dogs. See you this summer!!