3 Cheers for Camp-Out! (Session 6, July 24)

By Sandy Schenck

Camp-out day is HERE! and we are all excited!  We had a sleep-in morning this morning, and so we rolled into breakfast at 9 am, instead of our usual 8 am. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, delicious cheese grits, fresh fruit, and, as always, cereal bar and yogurt—fueling up for hiking out!  The cereal bar is new this year—it’s a big dispenser that allows campers to choose from four types of cereal; whenever you say “cereal bar” in an announcement, now, the whole dining hall follows that with “Cereal Bar says good morning!” in a robotic tone of voice…. We love our new cereal bar and camp inside jokes!

After breakfast, we gathered in the East Field for “Leave No Trace-Low Impact Camping” training.  Brother/sister cabins who will be camping out together learned about the best practices for backpacking.  They talked about purifying water, how to string up a bear bag (to protect food from wild animals) and how to go to the bathroom in the woods.  Campers and staff then packed group and individual gear into backpacks.

After lunch, we took a rest/packing hour—time to sleep a little or pack, depending on what they needed to do more—and now they’re up at the Lodge, packing food for the next couple of days into their backpacks.  They’ll be out for two nights, and they’ll return Monday morning.  We’ll be checking in with them over the next couple of days to make sure they’re okay, and we’ll have a fuller update of their camp-out adventures when they get back!