3 Week Excitement

By Green River Preserve

It’s the third session here at GRP, and can I just share a moment of excitement I have that our Three-Weekers have finally arrived? YESSS As I eagerly waited in between Boysville and Girlsville to greet all the wonderful families, I was overjoyed to see so many return campers, as well as a handful of new faces.

So many happy families and smiling faces passed by after exchanging a welcoming “hello” and snapping a photograph. I couldn’t help but be reminded of why I love this place so much and that reason is because of the kids. Every single one of these amazing people put a smile on my face and it’s only the first day!

I could tell that a few of the campers who passed me by were nervous, but I am positive that by the next few days, all those worried smiles will turn in to full on grins from ear to ear, because let’s be honest…that’s just what happens here at GRP.

The swim review was a fun time and just finished as the rain started. What’s a first day of camp without a little bit of this mountain rain? As the dinner bell is ringing, I figure it might be best if I go join everyone else in the Lodge. I will be looking forward to getting everyone updates on their campers and enjoying all the amazing kids that are here for the next three weeks. Man, I love GRP!

Samantha (Media Coordinator)