A Day Full of Fun

By Green River Preserve

Today marks the first full day of camp for the 3-week session and it’s already clear there are adventures ahead! Many of the campers are returners, eager to spend as much time as possible at Green River before graduating, and others are new and diving right in, adding a wonderful mix of perspectives to the community.

When the bell rang this morning at 7:30 am, the camp came alive with the noises of 3-weekers preparing excitedly, if a bit sleepy-eyed, for their first day of camp. After breakfast and cabin clean-up, Mentors led groups of campers out into the Preserve to begin their explorations. There were Polar Bears and Head Dunkers abound, with salamander spottings to boot. The mountain bikers practiced their riding techniques while other groups learned the skills necessary to be silent in the forest.

Lunch in the Lodge was a bustling event, full of campers eager to tell their new brothers and sisters about the adventures of their mornings. After lunch the campers, full and tired, headed to their cabins for rest hour to recharge for afternoon activities. In pioneer cabin this afternoon fires were started, cups carved and medicinal plants explored, while arrows flew into the dream shot in archery, canoes flipped on the lake, and bells were rung in the climbing tower. During free time everyone got a chance to refine their skills in one of their crafts, or try something new like field games, swimming, or just relaxing in the grass. Dinner brought new excitement, with everyone curious to see what the evening’s activity – Science Fair – would bring.

Jaclyn (TC2)