A Few of Our Favorite (Camp-out) Things (Session 6, July 26)

By Sandy Schenck

The word is out—it’s cool to camp out!  Our camp-out groups started rolling back into camp around 10 am this morning, after two fun days and nights out and about around the Preserve.  Campers and staff hiked out Saturday to different locations around camp; some were at Turkey Field, others at South Prong, and others spent the night next to Joe’s Pool.  We had eight groups out, total; after spending the night at the first location, they sleep in, eat breakfast, pack up, and then hike to their second location, pic-nic-ing along the way.  Groups will sometimes pass each other and occasionally, they arrange a rendezvous with another group.  They play games and watch the fireflies in Hemlock Field.  They watch the sun set from Long Rock.  They hike and camp out with their respective brother or sister cabin, and that is often one of the aspects of camp-out they enjoy most—getting to know their friends better.

All in all, campers and staff had a blast on camp-out.  Here are some of their favorite things:

“s’mores” (got that one a few times!), “wading in the pond at Joe’s Pool—it was very refreshing,” “playing in the river at Hemlock Field,” “the creek,” “swimming” (it was hot this weekend!), “the food” (got that one a few times, too!), “the views,” “sleeping outside,” “playing Ninja and playing in the creek,” “playing mafia,” “throwing the frisbee,” “the locations,” “trying to figure out all the riddles,” “leaf-boat races in the creek at Hemlock,” “we saw a bear” (that’s right—third animal, now, toward a Grand Slam!!  all we’re missing is a wild turkey), “being with friends,” “hanging out with my brother and sister cabins” (got that one a few times, too), “the feeling of accomplishment.”

You can see pictures from all the fun on camp-out here!

After campers and staff returned, they unpacked group gear and personal belongings, and they hit the showers.  Then we gathered at the Lodge for a hamburger/veggie-burger cook-out lunch—with all the trimmings, and potato chips, and salad, and watermelon.  We had an extended rest hour, and then campers went to activities.  In BB Skeet, campers have fun aiming at the old soda cans that are hanging across the range.  Several are strung up on a sort of pulley system, and we can move their location from the range.  A couple of campers came close to hitting the “dream” shot—a shot that is further back than the rest.  Maybe tomorrow!  Tomorrow, we’ll also pull out the Sweetarts, which shatter satisfyingly when you hit them with a BB.  In fly-tying, campers learned how to twist feathers and other materials into faux flies—today they made “woolly buggers.”  In guitar, a couple of campers were working on scales, while others were learning a song from “Shrek.”

Campers also signed up for GLP’s today.  At the end of the session, everyone participates in Group Learning Projects, a day of fun and discovery centered around a particular theme.  This session, campers’ options include an all-day hike to Maybin Mountain, an all-day canoeing and fly-fishing trip, and “Day of Cooking 2.0”—earlier this summer, campers on another GLP built a smokehouse, so this session, we’ll try smoking some different things, like bacon and cheese.

After dinner, we watched a movie in the Lodge—The Princess Bride, a camp favorite.  After camp-out, everyone is ready for a movie and bed!  So they will sleep well tonight.  We hope you sleep well, too!