A Great Summer Staff!

By Sandy Schenck

The 2011 GRP Summer Staff is exciting! Visit the summer staff bio page to read more about them. Their diversity is amazing and GRP is so fortunate to have this group of bright, creative, and curious young people who have a genuine love for nature.

On board for the summer are: 32 counselors (2 in each cabin this summer!), 18 co-counselors (cocos – 9 each session), 10 mentor naturalists, 6 mentor activity coordinators and a total of 9 nurses throughout the summer. Whew! That’s quite a group and all for 102 campers per session – an amazing camper to staff ratio!

Staff training begins on May 25th. It is a time for all of the GRP staff to learn and play together, build a cohesive family, and create a wonderful community for the summer of 2011. All of the staff is looking forward to your camper’s arrival. See you soon!!!