A Green River Adventure

By Sandy Schenck

Some GRP friends, Ryan, Kelly and Leah, set out in December for a kayaking adventure they like to call…“Source to Sea”. Their goal was to follow the Green River from the source (behind Sandy and Missy’s house at GRP) all the way to the sea! Here is what Ryan wrote to us after the trip:

"As a tribute to the GRP, Kelly, Leah and I decided to have a “source to sea” grand slam for wildlife. The 4 species were: bald eagle, river otter, alligator, and a dolphin. We saw plenty of eagles, a few otters, 2 gators, and on our last day a handful of dolphins coming up the cooper river to feed. Unbelievable! We also saw about 40 species of birds, a lot of deer (including a family running through the rapids), many beaver, turtles, and a variety of fish. We met some interesting folks along the way who were fascinated by the whole idea of following a river from its source to the ocean and helped us out when we needed it most."