A Photographers Perspective

By Sara Huffman


Gates opened at one today, welcoming the three week session to GRP!  Tons of familiar faces were spotted, along with a handful of first timers as they walked into the backfield.  Old friends reunited with laughs, huge hugs and warm smiles.  Names were exchanged and new and old friends became one in the same.  The parents followed behind their kids as they walked confidently down the  paths to their new homes for the next three weeks.  They hugged their campers, waved goodbye and handed their most precious possessions over to the councilors and staff to look after and help guide them through this amazing chapter in their lives.  A parents trust is one of the greatest things to have and we value that trust here at GRP more than words can express.  Needless to say, your kids are in great hands and about to have the summer of their lives!



Cabin photos are a tradition here at GRP and as the photographer, I must say it is such a fun way to meet the campers and exchange in a little fun conversation as they pose for one serious, and one rather silly photograph.  The cabin families never seize to amaze me with their creative and absolute silly faces and original poses.  Watching their personalities grow over the weeks is always a pleasant journey to be on.  Along with the cabin photos, the campers also partake in a Respect Circle where Sandy tells the story of how camp got started and then everyone verbally agrees to respect one another, nature and themselves.  

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Swimming is such a great activity offered during free time every day here at GRP, so after the respect circle is complete, the campers make their way to the lake for a cabin swim review and fun field games in-between cabins.  As the kids finish up at the lake, they all head back to their respective cabins for a little  "Cabin Time" before dinner, which is served family style with your cabin crew.  The food here at GRP is always one of the kids favorite things about camp, so be prepared to here about that in the letters getting sent out by the kids! :)  

After dinner is our first Upper Council Fire; a powerful gathering where the kids get to listen to music, hear wonderful stories told by our Senior Mentor Hawk, as well as Sandy.  We usually get to enjoy the beautiful night sky, but due to a little rain, we improvised inside tonight.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely ready for bed after this successful opening day and I’m looking forward for what tomorrow brings our way!  Man I love this place and can’t wait to fill you all in on tomorrow’s awesome explorations!

Your GRP Photographer,

Samantha K