A relic from the past found on the GRP farm

By Sandy Schenck

clip_image002During session one of base camp this past summer, camper Micah Pickus found something quite interesting during a mentor hike at the GRP farm and it wasn’t a zucchini.

He along with mentor, Ben Nelson, came across a Savannah River spear point. It’s dated between 6000-3000 years old from the Middle to Late Archaic period.


The flat base suggests that it is an unfinished spear point known as an otarre. These points were often used on spears thrown by the atlatl or spear-thrower of nomadic hunters/gatherers, typical of Native Americans of the Green River Valley.

The Savannah River point is typically found in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the deep South to the Mississippi. They can be made from other types of rock but one of chert is considered the best specimen. Most arrowheads and spear points are named after the area in which they were first located.

Great find, Micah!