A Super Saturday Opening for Sessions 1 and 1.5!

By Sandy Schenck

We had a beautiful start for our Opening Day for Sessions 1 and 1.5 today (photos online, requires a password or registration), and we are just so happy to welcome our new campers to the start of the 2010 summer!  Campers rolled in bright and early, and staff were eagerly awaiting them at the East Field entrance.  Campers and parents met counselors, co-counselors, mentors, directors… a bevy of staff! and then moved their belongings into cabins, and headed on up to the Lodge to finish registering.   Camp looks terrific, if we do say so ourselves (!), and it was great for parents to get a chance to see where campers will be eating, playing, and sleeping for the next few days.

After parents left, campers went on a longer tour of Base Camp, checking out locations like the Craft Lodge and the Gazebo, so campers know where some of their afternoon activities will meet.  After a yummy lunch of pizza, salad, (pb & j for a few!), we went to the Gazebo, for the traditional Opening Day Respect Circle.  Sandy and Missy Schenck speak with us about the history and mission of the Green River Preserve.  Then campers and staff are given the opportunity to agree to respect ourselves, each other, and all living things—we go around the circle, and all who agree say, “I will.”  This tradition helps establish our community’s expectations and sets a positive tone from the start of the session.

Next, we had activity sign-ups.  Staff put on brief skits that illustrate what campers might do in activities like A Bug’s Life, Archery, Creative Writing, Field Games, Low Challenge Course, Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Skills, and Tipi.  The Tipi activity is particularly exciting, since campers have the unique opportunity for the summer to see how the GRP’s Tipi is set up.  Campers then headed to the swim lake to learn about Waterfront Procedures and to go through their swim review—now we’re all set for our first day of free time, coming up tomorrow—swimming lake, here we come!

At dinner (delicious fried chicken, broccoli and cheese sauce, roasted potatoes, and rolls), we celebrated one of our campers’ birthday—let them eat cake!  There’s no better evening program for your birthday than Bob-tag—we moved into the West Field for various tag games led by Bob, one of our staff members.  Ask your campers about Ant Hospital!

Now all have headed off to their cabins—campers and staff alike need lots of sleep—they have a big day ahead tomorrow!

We are so glad your campers are with us, and we look forward to the next few days!