By Sandy Schenck

How did you like my pirate impression? Guess you know what tonight is – PIRATE NIGHT! The campers were extremely excited when Mentor Cat made the announcement this afternoon after lunch. I think I may have even heard a few HUZZAHS!

She told them to get their hooks ready and to wash their hands thoroughly because they will have the option to eat with just their hands – no silverware. Now that should be interesting… and messy. (Dinner menu: grilled Jamaican jerk chicken, Caribbean yellow rice and pigeon peas, tropical fruit salad, rolls and cheese cake.) Also, Noelle, arts and crafts coordinator, was on hand to help several campers to make eye-patches to complete their outfits.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s going to be the staff hunt after dinner. Each group of campers, accompanied by a staff member, will “hunt” for a staff member. Each is worth a certain amount of points. For instance, for each year a staff member has been at GRP – even as a camper – equals 100 points. So some of our staff who have practically grown up at GRP will need to hide very well (Caroline, Rich, Ben, Gillian, Kartik, and several others.)