Adios, Au Revoir, Auf wiedersehen, Farewell

By Sandy Schenck

As Lizzie, one of our ingenious and intrepid counselors pointed out, the etymology for words of parting is quite interesting.  As she noted, “Adios” would mean a wish for someone to go “to God,” or with God.  Au revoir and auf wiedersehen, French and German parting terms, both really mean “until we see each other again.”  Good-bye derives from the expression “God be with you”; farewell comes down to us from “fare thee well.”  We have had such a wonderful summer season, and so we will say farewell—we wish everyone who has been part of our community well, and we’ll say au revoir—we hope to see you next year!

(You’ll find links to pictures from August 6 here and from August 7 here and also on those actual blog postings—our apologies for the delay!)