Adventure is Found

By Green River Preserve

The first day at Green River Preserve is always full of adventure. The word “adventure,” which we understand to describe an exciting or dangerous experience, derives from the Latin “advenire,” which means “to arrive”. If you think about it, the day that one arrives in a new place (or even in a familiar place one has not seen in a while) is inherently full of adventure. New places offer up new sights, sounds, and smells; each corner one turns leads to something yet to be discovered. Everything encountered on the first day, even things that might otherwise be mundane, take on an air of excitement

For example: breakfast. Breakfast, a meal that we have all eaten almost every day of our lives, is suddenly thrilling because it is happening in a new place with new people, and – best of all – the form it takes is a surprise. Campers wonder, What will it be? Pancakes? Sausage and eggs? Will it be something that makes me opt for the fruit, yogurt, and cereal bar? This morning, we ate waffle sticks, bacon, melon, and berries, and I am sure that this meal will be mentioned as some campers’ Rose (ie, the best part of the day) tonight during Rose, Bud, Thorn.

While the forecasted rain held out all day yesterday (thank goodness for a dry Opening Day!) and through Mentor hikes this morning, it came pouring down as we headed back to Base Camp for lunch. Life here at GRP continues in full-swing despite the rain (unless the rain comes accompanied by thunder or lightening), and rain at camp seems to somehow add to the overall sense of adventure. Over the sound of raindrops pounding on our metal bus roofs, the enthusiastic singing of campers and counselors could still be heard.

Additional adventure was found when some Mentor hike groups saw Grand Slaminals this morning: one copperhead and one wild turkey. For those of you who do not yet know, a Grand Slam occurs when we collectively find a Bear, a wild Turkey, a Deer, and a venomous Snake over the course of a camp session. To celebrate, we have an ice cream party and a fireworks display, and a limited-edition Grand Slam shirt becomes available in the Camp Store. If Session Four gets a Grand Slam, it will be the first of the summer. It is only day one, and we are already halfway there. Other Mentor hike groups Polar Bear-ed at Uncle’s Falls, climbed up Lower Bald, or ascended the Spire.

Barely 24 hours into Session Four, campers are already having great adventures – making new friends, finding interesting spots on Base Camp, and walking the land of the Preserve. Each day of the next two weeks will bring newness and excitement, and we will all be present, coming to meet the arrival of adventure.

- Holly (WW1)