An afternoon of learning (Session 5)

By Sandy Schenck

As you know, each afternoon the campers have three periods of activities where they learn lifetime leisure skills – skills that they can use for life which also can provide an outlet for stress-relief in a fun and non-competitive way.

Here’s a list of what this session campers are doing: fencing, drumming, painting, crafts, archery, bb skeet, canoeing, climbing, dance, guitar, juggling, knitting, taekwondo, yoga, woodworking, theater, flyfishing, outdoor skills, outdoor cooking, field games… well, you get the idea.

It’s really a treat to walk around base camp and watch the campers learning, exploring and simply having a fun time. For instance during the last period, some campers were getting ready to drink mint/pine needle/blackberry tea at the Pioneer Cabin. Others were weaving bracelets with string and colorful beads in the craft hut. Another group was pouring over bird books looking for inspiration for their paintings and also for the group mural – Birds of Green River Preserve. (Click here for videos.)

Times such as these, I wish I were a GRP camper!