An ordinary day... not really

By Sandy Schenck

The three-weekers were quite busy with their GLPs all day as the mini-campers had an ordinary GRP day… wait, did I just say ordinary? There’s nothing ordinary about a day at GRP.

After a hearty breakfast (oatmeal, sausage, biscuits, cereal, fruit and juice), the campers headed off to their mentor hikes singing songs on the bus. During one of the hikes, one group had a microslam at Hemlock Field where they saw all sorts of little creatures such as a toad, millipede, slug, minnows, butterflies on fresh otter scat, grasshoppers and a female crawdad with babies underneath her tail.

Other campers went to Uncle’s Falls and became polar bears which means you stand under a cold mountain waterfall and say “polar bear, polar bear, polar bear.” (If that doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will…) The children love it! Another group trekked to the Balds and saw spectacular mountain views and some even crawled into the center of an old tree and became itchy bears.

After lunch (brown meal – chicken tenders, curly fries, salad, pears), the campers and staff had a well-deserved rest hour, then enjoyed an afternoon filled with activities – bb skeet, archery and canoeing. During free time, they painted their spirit stones for the council fire tomorrow evening. (Wait, they’re leaving already?!?)

Campers then enjoyed a delicious meal of pork tenderloin, Greek potatoes, broccoli with cheese, cinnamon apples and cheesecake at dinner. The evening program was the Variety Show which was quite entertaining. Ordinary? Not at GRP.