And we’re off!

By Anne Mead

Today marked the day that both BRX and OBX had opening days. Everything went swimmingly. BRX met in front of the Sunnyside house, and then proceeded to partake in a few team building activities as they make their way to their home for the next few weeks.

Some of these activities included having one team member lead their partner who was blindfolded along the trail. This was a great way to develop communication skills as well as trust. Once at camp the expeditioners jumped right into learning about living in the backcountry. Lunch was served and everyone was taught how daily tasks work in the backcountry. After lunch they dove right into the Respect Circle, this sets in place the standard of “respecting each other, respecting yourself, respecting the earth, and respecting the property.” After that a taking stick ceremony was held, where group norms were discussed and the standards were set in place.

OBX also had a very successful day one! They started off with respect circle and figuring out their group norms, setting up their tents and moving their gear into them. Then they moved into playing some team building games. Then made some grilled cheese (everyone made their own to get aquatinted with the stove) and carrots and celery. After that, they got to get in the White Oak River for swim review and some free swim. Then they learned the parts of a boat and paddle. After that they starting to cook some chicken stir-fry for dinner while fishing off the dock! Lawton even caught a tiny catfish in the cast net!