Another day another Deer Sighting

By Green River Preserve

by Delaney Ousler

After a couple days’ rest from both daily Mentor Hikes and the hustle and bustle of afternoon activities during GLPs, campers and staff members alike are feeling refreshed for a final two days of “normal” camp schedule. Session 3 is currently a single deer sighting (by both a camper and staff member, simultaneously!) away from reaching a Grand Slam, a feat which hasn’t been achieved in over two years! After collectively sighting a bear, a venomous snake, a wild turkey, and a deer- all during the same session- a Grand Slam is declared for all members of the camp community, and celebration ensues. Campers are bursting with anticipation of a deer sighting in hopes that they will be rewarded with an ice cream party, a fireworks display, and one-of-a-kind Grand Slam t-shirts for sale in the Camp Store.

No deer sightings were reported this morning, but mentor hikes were phenomenal regardless! As a counselor, I treasure the mornings I get to spend out on the Preserve with a gaggle of kids and one of our infinitely wise Mentors. I enjoy opportunities to try out my own environmental educator skills, but more importantly, I love learning even more about the world around us alongside these bright, curious, and creative young minds. The hike I joined this morning covered all the bases a classic Mentor Hike should: we played camouflage games, identified edible plants, heard awe- inspiring stories from Mentors Janara and Star, and even squeezed in some stream ecology before it was time to head back to Basecamp for lunch. What could make a picture-perfect hike such as this even better, you ask? We did the whole thing on our own two feet as a “walk-out” hike- no buses involved! It’s such a gift to be able to experience the diverse flora and fauna of the Appalachia in our own backyard here on the Preserve. I look forward to hearing about everyone’s final Mentor Hike tomorrow morning!