Another day at GRP

By Green River Preserve

By Laine Elliott

Today was a big day for our campers. After one of the most epic Capture the Flag games in GRP history last night, our campers set out on their second round of Mentor hikes this morning. Mentor Jon’s group even spotted the elusive wild turkey while quietly stalking at Hemlock Field, meaning we are now halfway to a Grand Slam ice cream party, and it’s only day 3!

A rainy afternoon means the Lodge is packed full with campers doing all sorts of activities, from practicing stroke techniques in canoeing to the campers in theater rehearsing monologues. Downstairs in the Pottery Studio, many campers are putting the finishing touches on their mugs.

When the last activity bell rings and campers are done enjoying their free time swimming in the lake or playing field games, we all reconvene for Twinner. (Does that say Twinner? Shouldn’t that say dinner? Nope!) Twinner gives campers an opportunity to meet new friends from other cabins and make connections by planning a matching outfit with a fellow camper (or two).

Twinner isn’t the only evening program on the agenda; it is time again for Campout Prep! Campers will learn how to properly pack a backpacking pack, tie different kinds of knots, and most importantly, how to poop in the woods. Even though it is not until Friday, campers and staff alike cannot contain their excitement for Campout!