Another OBX Update

By Anne Mead

On Friday, the Outer Banks Expeditioners paddled about five miles on the river, after which they swam, learned about teaching lessons, and picked the topics that they will teach the group about later on. The rest of the day was spent hanging out outside, fishing, and star gazing while doing Rose Bud Thorn.

Saturday, the high winds prompted a trip to an aquarium where they learned about everything from alligators and snakes to sting rays and sharks. The crew then enjoyed some time resting and relaxing in town, and were even treated to ice cream and fudge! Sunday was spent swimming in the river and preparing for their kayak camping trip. With gear, clothes, and food all packed up and with technical skills dialed in, they departed in their kayaks today and headed towards the banks from the mainland.

They will likely be seeing some ponies and lighthouses in the next few days and are also hoping to see a dolphin, a sea turtle, and a shark to complete their OBX Grand Slam since they’ve already seen an osprey! Expect the next update to come in a few days once they’ve returned from their trip! -Karin Perk, Climbing Coordinator and Expeditions Intern