Baby bunnies!!!

By Sara Huffman

On October 14th we were thrilled here at the farm to welcome some new additions to the menagerie. Two Champagne d’ Argent kits were born in the early afternoon to our resident adult rabbits Bunny and Clyde.

Mama and babies have all done very well so far and we are particularly proud of Bunny for showing herself to be a very good mother during this her first kindling.

Champagne d’ Argents are one of the oldest established breeds of rabbit and have been raised in France for well over 400 years. All kits are born completely black and develop their signature silver coat as they get older changing color completely by about 4 months of age.

All of these photos were taken when the kits were one week old and substantial enough to be picked up all the way out of their nest box.

As of yesterday they both had opened their eyes and we are hoping to start getting some outdoor play time with them very soon!

The nest box within the bunny yard
Bunny taking a break and having a snack of brussel sprout leaves