Blue Ridge Expeditions: Backpacking, Canoeing, and Rock Climbing

By Anne Mead

BRX has returned from the Foothills Trail. The group got off the trail on Sunday and celebrated with a mexican fiesta and ice cream from the famous Dolly’s Dairy Bar. Individuals claimed that one of the hardest parts of the trip was the hiking and that the best parts of the trip was the swimming in Lake Jocassee and the campsites. All in all, they appeared to have a great time.

The crew changed directions on Monday and went canoeing on Cascade Lake. Everyone was paired up to practice paddling skills in anticipation of our future days on the river. The group packed a lunched and thoroughly enjoyed paddling, relaxing, and swimming in Hooker Falls on the lake.

Today, Expeditioners have ventured off to Big Bradley Falls to experience climbing on actual rock. Originally planned for last week, we moved this trip to today because of bad weather. Big Bradley Falls is spectacular! The Expeditioners will repel down into a ravine and then have the opportunity to climb three different routes varying in difficulty. They will top the day off by swimming and playing in the waterfall that sits conveniently next to the rock.

This evening, the group is in for a treat. They will spend the evening with our camp farmers Phil and Rachel and prepare a meal completely “from the field.” Rachel and Phil will host a campfire and the Expeditioners will help them with a farm project in exchange for delicious farm goods. This evening is typically one of the highlights for former Expeditioners.

Up next: Canoeing on the French Broad!