Blue Ridge Expeditions: Stop Going By so Quickly!

By Anne Mead

How has it already been 4 days? It seems like this group just arrived and at the same time they have already done so much! Wow! Well, I need to fill you all in on what this amazing group of teenagers has been doing.

The BRX’ers spent the first day getting to know one another and settling into Reasonover, their basecamp home. The leaders began initiatives right away with the group on the walk to the camp.

Each team member was paired with someone and then they were tied together with an article of clothing. To give you a visualization- each pair of expeditioners had 3 legs combined- their middle legs were joined together. They had to walk nearly half a mile this way breaking the ice and beginning one of our fundamental life skills: communication.

Monday, the group spent the majority of the day on our low ropes course and climbing wall. The goal was to continue to build community and work together as a team to accomplish difficult tasks. This is part of the foundation for the entire trip- working together through what sometimes might seem like impossible tasks. For example: lifting all the group members over a 12-foot wall. Or balancing everyone on a low ropes element called a “whale watch.” Later when the group is on the backpacking trip and may need to depend on one another, they will be able to draw on some of the problem solving skills utilized during these activities.

Tuesday, the expeditioners ventured off camp to a climbing spot nearby. They had the opportunity to climb 3 different routes with various levels of difficulty. Everyone attempted at least a climb or two and many of the expeditioners climbed multiple routes. All in all the group had a phenomenal day in an amazing spot.

Today the group has been hanging out at their base camp, learning primitive skills, and preparing for their backpacking trip. They had a lesson on fire by friction, tomahawk throwing, and tracking and stalking. They have also planned their backcountry menus and route for their 5-day adventure. Stephen and I cannot wait to hear about their plans tomorrow over lunch. We will be sure to post more details once we are clued into where they are headed.

Until Next Time. Cheers!

“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility.” Rachel Carson