BRX 3: Llamas, Waterfalls, and Trip Planning

By Anne Mead

BRX 3 is in full swing. Campers have spent the first couple of days settling into Reasonover base camp, getting to know one another, planning their backpacking trip, and taking adventures to Big Bradley Falls in Saluda, NC and Hooker Falls in Dupont State Forest.

Tuesday the group ventured to Dupont State Forest to explore the gorgeous Hooker and Triple Falls sights. An unexpected creature greeted them in the parking lot: LlAMAS! That’s right…Llamas. A llama outfitter was posted in the parking lot waiting for a “pack-out” trip. He was eager to see our expeditioners and invited them to pet and meet his animals. After getting to know one another for a few minutes, the outfitter engaged the group in some Llama races in the parking lot. The expeditioners jumped on this opportunity and quickly demonstrated that they were “lama worthy” with their team-working skills. As you might expect, no other expeditioners have had the pleasure of enjoying such an activity in a mere parking lot! After their time in the parking lot with the lamas, the crew hiked to the falls, played in the water, and many became polar bears for the summer season.

Wednesday was spent at Big Bradley Falls near Saluda, NC climbing and swimming. Stephen and Evan, our climbing experts, set the expeditioners up with 4 different climbs varying in difficulty. Each person had the chance to challenge themselves on the surface rock, and many were successful in reaching personal goals. After a morning of climbing and a picnic lunch, the team turned their attention to the beautiful waterfall and river immediately next to the climbing site. Expeditioners were eager to swim, relax, and test out the bouldering site which could only be accessed from the water. After fulfilling their aquatic needs, the group hiked out of the gorge and headed back to their home, Reasonover base camp.

Today, the crew is planning, packing, and preparing for their backpacking trip. The expeditioners were presented with 3 different options.  After discussing the options, the group consensus will determine where they will be going for the next 4-5 days. We will be sure to keep you posted on the trip and the details! The weather has been beautiful and looks good for the weekend as well!