BRX and OBX are doing great!

By Anne Mead


Everyone on BRX is having a great time. The group just has done so much. Everyone honed in on his or her primitive skills when Mentor John visited Reason Base camp. The group worked on fire by friction as well as many other primitive skills.
The crew then moved into preparing for their 6 night backpacking trip. They learned how to more efficiently pack a pack, fit the pack, and know what to bring and what to leave behind. Then they began their journey. They made their way to Worley’s cave, a 4 mile deep cave. The group learned about stalactites, stalagmites, shelfstones, flowstone, draperies and columns. Everyone had a great time and loved caving. When they finished up in the cave they moved right into beginning of their 6 night backpacking trip up Mount Mitchell. Everyone is doing great and is so excited for their adventures to come.


OBX is off to a great start! Check-in went swimmingly. The first few days were filled with team building actives. This is to encourage inclusiveness as well as teach expeditioners how to communicate their thoughts and needs effectively. The group also got a chance to get in the water and work on their paddling skills. They practiced wet exists, this is done by simply swimming out of your kayak when it flips over instead of trying to use your hips and paddle to flip the kayak back over. After that they group enjoyed a relaxing evening swimming in the river. All in all the group is doing well and cant wait to really develop their kayaking skills and work as a team in the next few weeks.