BRX and OBX have been busy...having fun!

By Anne Mead

The Blue Ridge gang have had so many adventures over the last few days! They summated Sam’s Knob, and ate a Mexican feast of burritos next to flat Laurel creek. Autumn, Devin, and Lydia mastered fire by friction and were able to produce a coal which was then used to make a fire.

When the group arrived at camp the next day they make lunch, which consisted of salmon salads with quinoa. The group learned how to make cordage, which resulted with everyone having a new tulip poplar bracelet. This was followed by a solo sit. After half an hour the group regathered to share everything they observed. Everyone was psyched to talk about all of the interesting tidbits of nature they got to witness. The gang had mac and cheese for dinner. After that another fire by friction was made and the group sat around the fire telling stories. All in all the first few days of backpacking are going well.

OBX is doing great as well. Yesterday they went paddling and saw a dolphin, let me say that again, they paddled with dolphins! Everyone could barley handle their excitement!

Today they went on an adventure walk where they saw a lot of horses; the group was so excited when they saw that there were even some younger looking ones! After that they wet for a swim and cooked dinner, which was a delicious pot of rice, beans, and summer sausage. Everyone is having a blast and can’t wait do more paddling.