BRX is having a ball!

By Anne Mead

BRX has been having a great time on their backpacking trip so far. They started their journey at the entrance to Gorges State park. The crew decided to hike the Auger Hole trail. At BRX we really strive to foster leadership, one way we do this is by letting the group plan the details of their backpacking trip. This includes meal planning, and deciding what rout they want to take. The group got off to a good start, the first day they hiked about 5 miles! They camped next to a River. Everyone got more experience lighting stoves and putting up tarps. Everyone had an amazing dinner of fettuccine alfredo. The gang learned a lot of small tip and tricks in camping, like how to tie a few more knots as well as how to make cordage. The crew woke up and had a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and trail mix then hit the actual trail. They hiked for a while then jumped on a ferry. The group was amazed by how beautiful Lake Jocassee was. Once they got to the other side they had a delectable lunch, which consisted of sandwiches and granola bars. The group began to hike some more, set up camp and settled down to another amazing dinner. Everyone is doing great and can’t wait or more adventures to come.