BRX is on the Trail

By Green River Preserve

After two long days descending to Lake Jocassee, the BRXers connected with Brooks Wade of Lake Jocasse tours and took a boat ride across the lake. This has been a huge highlight for BRXers in the past few years and they had a beautiful day for it. After being dropped off on the other side of the lake at the mouth of the Horsepasture River they climbed up to Bear Gap to spend the night. I was fortunate enough to hike in to Bear Gap and see the group in good spirits playing cards and having a great time. I could hear them carrying on a few switchbacks down the trail and walked into some great energy. Tonight they will have made their way to the mouth of the Toxaway River. They plan to finish the backpacking trip tomorrow and we will go out to great them and here some of their stories.