BRX Journal Entries... (Session 1)

By Sandy Schenck

Here are some snippets from the journal that the Session 1 BRX expedtioners wrote…

June 19, 2011

Tonight’s Menu

Sasafrass roots
Spice bush
Solomon’s seal root
Indian cucumber root
Elderberry flowers
Violet (purple) flowers
Mountain mint
Large mouth bass

June 20th

Today we planned for the rock-climbing, backpacking and river canoeing trips. We planned our route, the menus and the packing list. Everyone came to a pretty clear agreement about how we wanted our route to go to swimming holes and views and to have some easy and hard hikes… Breakfast today was really good. We had bagel sandwiches with eggs and sausage. Lunch was more sandwiches and leftover pasta salad. Lunch was made better by having all the boys sing the Pokemon theme song.

June 23rd

We went to a beautiful swimming hole. It was absolutely lovely.

June 24th

Today we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. Jeremy and Isabelle were the leaders in the morning and they led us out of camp and up the trail towards Deep Gap. After a while, we all separated and did solo hikes for about 30 minutes. After lunch, we continued up the trail as it got gradually steeper until we were directly climbing the mountain. The hike was very hard, but the feeling after finishing was incredible.

June 25th

(Sunrise at Pilot Mountain) As we climbed we could see glimpses of the sun peeking over the mountain making the sky a crazy purplish shade… We cried, sang, and laughed as we watched the most amazing sunrise… As we hiked down the mountain everyone was joking and telling stories and munching on all the edible plants we passed…

(After traveling by van to campsite late in the evening) The night was cool and perfectly clear so we didn’t even bother to put up tents. We all spread out on the cement parking pad and in silence watched the stars, (and shooting stars!!) until one by one, everyone fell asleep to rest up for our crazy first day of canoeing.

June 26th

Today we canoed for the first time on our trip. Our guides, Fritz and Wags, were amazing… In the first rapid, Dave and Jeremy flipped their canoe but were okay. No one else had any problems throughout the day and we covered our initial four miles quickly before stopping for lunch… When we arrived at our take-out point, we pulled our canoes out and loaded them onto the truck. Then most of us climbed up onto a rock formation near the French Broad and looked at the most amazing view. After a while we climbed back down and swam in a swimming hole close by.

June 29th

We did community service such as building a new compost bin, fixing the firewood shelter, packing away camp dishes for Reasonover and helped clean up the sweat lodge… Then we had a talking stick ceremony at our base camp and hugged each a lot. After that, we went to bed really late.

June 30th

The Final Day. I’m trying not to cry. How did it come so fast?… This isn’t the end though. It’s only a break. It won’t be forever.

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