BRX Journal, Session 2

By Sandy Schenck

Some excerpts from the journal the BRX Expeditioners wrote during Session 2.

Day 1

We gathered around the fire pit and collaborated a list of words describing what we pictured a strong community consisted of. We had a music circle where most of us drummed and Rob played the guitar… We were assigned our work stations and some of us made dinner. We ended the night with a nice fire and the talking stick.

Day 2

The first full day of camp was unexpected yet amazing… After a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and canadian bacon we welcomed Henry into our community with a giant bear hug. It was then time to discover our “mysterious objective” of the day… We packed up our gear and started off on our hike with Henry and Laura as our leaders. During our hike we purposely got ourselves lost and ended up having to walk a morass… We had an awesome time…

Day 3

We learned some paddle strokes and picked our PFDs. Taking the boats down was a spectacle and then we put the veteran paddlers at the stern of the canoes. After some follow the leader, we played a rousing game of Sharks & Minnows… Ben caught two fish which I guess will be on the menu tonight, a large-mouthed bass and a sunfish, which they cleaned on the spot.

Day 5

Que llueva, que llueva
La virgen de la cueva
Los pajaritos cantan
Las nubes se levantan
Que sí, que no
Que caiga un chaparrón
Con azúcar y turrón

(A chaparrón is a downpour.)

Day 6

We woke up to our fabulous leaders, Lauren and Rob, whispering in our ears bright and early at 7:30am. We had bagels with apple butter and provolone for breakfast and packed up camp to leave at 11. We started with a three mile hike, full of breaks for snacks, water and simply to rest. It was quite an adventure…

Day 8

We ate a breakfast of nutella, nut, apple-butter crepes. After breakfast we hike for about 20 minutes and spent a few hours at a beautiful swimming hole. The water was very cold, but we all managed to fully emerge ourselves for our first river bath. …Once we packed up our food and changed, we set off for our 3 mile hike to the pink beds led by Belle and Henry. The hike was flat and fantabulous due to the ferns and the trees.

Day 10

(During the canoe trip…) The views along the river were amazing!! After canoeing we went swimming in a river and all of us painted our faces with a color made from stones.

Day 11

(Day 2 of canoeing) We paired up and put on our helmets, PFDs and put all our gear into our dry bags. We paddled for about 5 miles until almost 1pm. We ate lunch with our guides and had delicious M&Ms cookies. After lunch we managed to leave on time and continued paddling through rapids and rocks. Lauren and Brendan had two fish encounter them. Brendan caught one and Laura got hit by one… We saw two deer grazing along the river. Towards the end of the trip, a young bald eagle flew above our heads and we also saw many blue herons and other wildlife.


“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where all the fruit is.”

“¡Venga ya!”

“That amazing sound was a bullfrog being swallowed alive by a vicious watersnake.”

“You create your own reality.”

“This is so much better than the so-called ‘real world’.”

“Every city looks the same, but every inch of the forest is different.”

“Can we go foraging now? What about now?”

“Ben, the magical powers of tofu brought our voices together.”

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