BRX Starts off Strong

By Green River Preserve

Today, the Blue Ridge Expedition 1 team woke up to the smell of dutch oven-baked biscuits and eggs at their new base camp. Shortly following breakfast, the expedition team headed over to the Low Ropes Course on the Preserve and practiced several trust and team building activities including “Trust Falls,” where each of the members fall from several feet in the air into the open arms of their fellow teammates. They also participated in climbing the “Wall” where every expeditioner must ascend a completely flat, wooden 10-foot wall, one at a time until each of the members have successfully made it over the wall. The expeditioners cooperatively and successfully completed each of the challenges set before them!

Following the Low Ropes Challenge Course, BRX found themselves climbing on the Preserve’s Rock Climbing Tower. The team learned the basic safety rules and policies associated with Rock Climbing, as well as several helpful climbing tips and techniques. Several members of the team even successfully climbed our hardest route known as “Superman!” They are excited to ascend some real rock tomorrow afternoon at Big Bradley Falls in Saluda! After returning to base camp after a long afternoon of climbing, Evan, Melanie, and Lawton whipped up a delicious array of back-country pizzas for the Expeditioners. It was a great first day for all the members of the Blue Ridge Expedition Team!