BRX1 Backpacking with the Fabulous Five

By Anne Mead

BRX1 had a fabulous backpacking trip in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area of Pisgah National Forest. IMG_0125The weather was beautiful, the meals were delicious, the views were spectacular, and the company was exceptional! The final morning the group hiked up to Black Balsam Knob to catch a view of the Blue IMG_0145 Ridge Range. Despite being in the clouds and a sprinkle of rain, Emmanual claimed this was the highlight of the trip for him. IMG_0243IMG_0221IMG_0231IMG_0181


The group returned to base camp on Tuesday afternoon, after a a trip to the notorious Dolly’s ice cream parlor! They spent the afternoon unpacking and cleaning all of their campout gear. Wednesday, they ventured into base camp and spent the morning climbing at the climbing tower. After everyone had mastered a few    routes on their own, a couple of the expeditioners and the staff decided to develop some more creative challenges. Partners were paired up and legs were tied together. Check out a photo of Quinn and Jesse accepting this challenge and working their way to the top!







Thursday, the group went to the French Broad River for a day of canoeing and bellyaking! They embarked on a 10 mile stretch of river outside of Brevard. Expeditioners rotated between canoes and bellyaks, our new camp toy for the season. If you are wondering what a bellyak is, it is a kayak designed to be paddled on one’s stomach. Resting on your belly, you use your hands as paddles to venture down river. It makes the adventure that much more fun! Friday, BRX1 got a real treat and went on section III of the Chattooga River. I know they arrived home safely but I have yet to hear the tales from this trip. Today the group is cleaning gear and preparing for their sweat lodge ceremony tonight. We will be taking them a Chocolate Cake to celebrate with and get first hand updates from their fun Friday adventure. We can’t believe this trip is nearly over! We will be said to see such an amazing group of young people go.