BRX2 Update

By Anne Mead

BRX is back from their backpacking trip. Everyone is happy, healthy, and for the most part dry. Stephen, Phen, and I baked them a blackberry, apple crisp and surprised them with it and ice cream last night. They were elated! IMG_1759 IMG_1573 IMG_1567 IMG_1651 IMG_1610 IMG_1655 IMG_1761 IMG_1713 IMG_1667 IMG_1661 IMG_1745 IMG_1684 IMG_1751 IMG_1715 IMG_1705 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1786 IMG_1767 IMG_1788As everyone sat around munching on the delicious dessert, individuals took turns telling us of their roses and thorns of the backpacking trip. The group was unanimous with the thorn…….RAIN. But….we have to commend this group because each person managed to have a dry outfit throughout the trip and stay relatively positive. Their roses ranged from swimming, pancake breakfast, sleeping late, hiking, the boat ride across Lake Jocassee, group bonding time, seeing the expeditioners work with one another to solve problems, time outside, learning how to pack a backpack better and better, learning a new knot, the RAIN (so great to hear!), and a particular campsite.