Building Relationships

By Green River Preserve

Good Afternoon from the Preserve! After another morning full of mentor hikes and granola, activities are in full swing. Campers and staff alike can be heard laughing, cheering and generally seeking the joy throughout camp. I believe it is at this point in the session it becomes evident to the community that something truly spectacular had occurred. Our interactions with fellow members of the GRP community have cumulated to form a unique bond: we’ve all made lasting relationships. I find it difficult to explain a concept as intangible as lasting relationships at camp, so hopefully these examples will suffice.

As the girls of Whipporrwill 1 prepared for Twinner (twin themed dinner) last night, they walked proudly out of the cabin dressed in chacos, jean shorts, and last year’s green long sleeve logo tshirt. “We planned this in April,” shared one camper. I was immediately impressed with not only their dedication, but the fact that they had been communicating regularly for three months leading up to this session. The girls’ faces showed such pride as they appeared as a cohesive front of inclusiveness. This is a small example of the impact camp relationships make.

For me, returning as a staff member after being a camper for five years was eye opening. Like many other staff members, I was surrounded by individuals who had once been my friends to coordinate with for Twinner or my companions on mentor hikes. It was only fitting that my fellow counselor Lillie and I be sister cabin counselors as we had been in each other’s sister cabin as campers for four years. Here, that familiarity in relationships brings a sense of comfort. In the real world, it brings a flood of memories and opportunities for networking- both interpersonal and professional.

Ultimately, the bonds formed at camp provide a sense of interconnectedness like no other. Some of these relationships stretch across to the other side of the world as our lives take different paths. I am thankful everyday for the lasting relationships I have made at Green River and am curious to watch the continued growth of relationships this session.

Kristin, Whippoorwill 1 Counselor