Cabin Night

By Green River Preserve

by Laine Elliott

After spending the week creating alliances and making deals with other

cabins, campers finally had the opportunity last night to bid at the auction on what

their group wanted to do for tonight evening program: Cabin Night!

Among the choices were spa night, post-dinner swimming, a dance party, a pottery

extravaganza, and a tie-dye fest. For multiple groups, they were offered the chance

to spend the night listening to Senior Mentor Star tell stories around the campfire,

or have a jam session on the farm with the goats, bunnies, and a special appearance

by Elvis Pigsley.

Campers were able to earn points to use as currency in the auction during

our GRP Olympics last Sunday. Each cabin was allowed to team up with other cabins

and pool their points to get the more expensive auction items.

After a heated battle

for Farm Night, both Big Laurel cabins and Trailing Cedars 2 prevailed with the

donations they collected from other cabin groups; leftover points. There were no

hard feelings, though, and we ended the night with a crazy dance party in the Lodge.

All cabins left sweaty and happy.