Camp Out Preparation and More

By Sandy Schenck

Yesterday, Friday May 30th, the staff went though camp out preparation training and then actually prepared for our camping trip last night. We set out for the Hemlock Field around 4PM yesterday and arrived about 6PM. There we set up tarp shelters and started cooking pita pizzas. Pam was able to start our camp fire using a “fire by friction” method. We ate dinner, passed around a rainmaker, and sang songs until late into the night. We were awoken by Ben at 3:30AM because he thought there was a thunderstorm headed our way. We all moved to the lightning shelter in case the storm started to move towards us. After a few claps of thunder and flashes of lightning, the threat of the storm had passed and we went back to sleep.

Today there will be pottery and archery training for the counselors and mentors that will be leading those activities.

More photographs can be found here. Remember to view the photos you will need a username and password.