CAMP-OUT! (Session 2, June 17)

By Sandy Schenck

We are all excited about Camp-Out!  After a big breakfast of French toast, fresh fruit, bacon and turkey bacon, hard-boiled eggs, and cereal bar, campers and staff went back to their cabins to begin packing their personal belongings into their back-packs.  Then we all went to the East Field for “Low Impact Camping” training.  (The Green River Preserve is a Leave No Trace partner.)  Campers circulated to different stations to learn about the best ways to purify drinking water, to keep food safely out of the reach of bears and other animals, and to go to the bathroom in the woods.

After lunch, they headed back to their cabins to finish getting ready.  Then they went to the East Field once again, this time to sort and pack food and group equipment.  Once they had all their gear ready, they began the hike out to their respective destinations around the Preserve.

Campers will be out for two nights; we’ll be checking in on them periodically for safety, and we’ll have a fuller update on all the adventures of Camp-Out when they return on Saturday.  Hooray for Camp-Out!  Photos from today; more photos may not be posted until Saturday when campers return from camp-out.