Camp starts in 24,480 minutes!

By Sandy Schenck

It is starting to feel like camp again -  flowers are in bloom, the front field is beautiful,  frisbees have been thrown and caught, the water has been tested, and so much more!  Some of our creative and hard working staff are here now helping us prepare.  Lots more staff arrive next week for 11 days of Staff Training – well over 100 hours of first aid, CPR, safety, radios, program areas, the schedule, evening programs, policies and procedures.

Most of the staff are not here yet and we are so excited – every one of them brings so much experience, knowledge and passion to GRP.

But what we are looking forward to most is the return of our campers – only 17 days left to wait.  Those 24,480 minutes can’t go by quickly enough – see you soon!

Let us know what you are looking forward too!