Campers and Cabin Groups Completely Changed

By Sara Huffman

We have returned from Campout, and a grand adventure was had by all! We were graced with beautiful weather (cloudy on day one, clear to rainy to sunny on day two, and sunny on day three), and as such, we were able to explore a lot of the Preserve.


We returned this morning ready for a shower and a nap. Both were partaken of, and after lunch came a report of the events of the weekend.  4 copperheads were seen (3 at Peggy’s Rock, 1 at the Balds), 1 turkey was heard, much scat was found, 1 sunrise was witnessed, 1 river was bushwhacked along, 3 trout were caught, 2 trout were cooked, 1 bear was seen (though only by a counselor, so it doesn’t count for the Grand Slam), and 1 dinner was had at Long Rock at sunset.
For a lot of the campers, this was their first Campout, and for many it was their second, or third.  It was beautiful to watch the campers familiar with Campout helping the others out with packing, or teaching them to put up a ridge line.  There are a lot of important things that happen on Campout, among them growing closer as a cabin group and interacting with the land, but the most important thing that occurs on campout is personal growth.  In one way or another, all the campers are pushed out of their comfort zone, whether it’s waking up to watch the sunrise, working as a team to put up their own shelter or sleeping under their tarp. It was amazing to see, upon the return, campers and cabin groups completely changed, and closer knit. Campout certainly was a success.