Canoeing Down the French Broad River

By Green River Preserve

The Blue Ridge Expedition team finally returned from their backpacking trip yesterday afternoon and rested for the night at their base camp – sweet base camp – on the Preserve. Anne and Steve visited the camp to hear the Expeditioners’ stories and tales of their wilderness excursion. A special surprise of apple crisp and ice cream were brought out to base camp to celebrate Carly’s birthday with the group! After singing to Carly and wishing her all the happiness in the world, the group began to prepare for the next day’s adventure to the French Broad River for their first of two days canoeing.

One can never truly tell how well a group communicates until they canoe down a river together. BRX1 did a fantastic job of supporting and communicating with one another as they learned and practiced paddling in a canoe, some for the very first time. Only one group unintentionally decided to take a quick dip, but shortly thereafter jumped back into their boat and joined up with the rest of the group. They practiced both entering into the calm water at the sides of the river and exiting back into the current. They ducked under low hanging trees and maneuvered around fast moving rapids. After eating lunch on a beachy area along the river, the group continued a calm and relaxing paddle to the take out several miles from the put-in on the river. After loading the boats and preparing to head home around 2:00pm, the BRX Expedition leaders announced a surprise trip to Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest for some fun in the forest! The team now excitedly awaits yet another paddling day tomorrow!