Climb on!

By Anne Mead

BRX is having a great first few days. the gang returned from an adventurous rock climbing trip at slate rock, east of the pink beds, deep in Pisgah National forest. They began yesterday by practicing their rock climbing skills at base camp on the practice tower. The crew packed up their gear for an overnight mini expedition.

They arrived at their campsite right before dinner. Dinner was rice and beans. They finished all of their dishes and hung bear bags right before dark. As they lay down learning how to say dry and cozy they finished the night singing sisters brothers and went to bed hoping that tomorrow would be a clear day. By 6 am the sun was making itself known via a golden hue over the edge of the forest on the last few puffy clouds remaining coasted away. The group arrived at the rock early as a bird and learned life lessons about trying new ways of failing and succeeding while gaining a greater understanding of physical capabilities. Everyone had an amazing time climbing. After lunch they took a quick dip in a crystal clear pool of spring water beneath a 40 foot waterfall. They group heading out and make their way back to Reasonover Base camp. Dinner was served, sloppy joes and veggie stir fry and camp music was enjoyed. Tomorrow the gang is excited to see what Mentor john has to teach them about the ways our ancestors lived and the earth skill [primitive skills] they used to thrive for so many generations.