Connecting With Nature

By Green River Preserve

It’s part of our mission here at GRP to instill in our youngsters an awareness for the natural world around them. Today we made sure campers found new and exciting things in the woods. Mentor Hikes offer a unique time for inter-cabin groups to mingle and explore the unique areas of the preserve with guidance from our Mentors.

Perhaps a camper was part of the “Hiking Lichens” and observed the numerous salamanders and insects that make the Cave their home, or maybe they are in “Mark the Spot” and decided to brave the shivery polar bear plunge, or maybe still they were part of another group exploring other wonders. Each group followed a different path but regardless, every Mentor introduced campers to edible plants and natural remedies. Campers have learned how common plants, such as the ever useful and abundant Plantain, are a more natural way to heal small injuries.

Our campers are finding the benefits of being in tune with the natural world around them. Whether it be a girl overcoming her fear of dogs by cuddling up to Trout (one of our resident golden retrievers), a child volunteering to move her suitcase rather than knock down a helpful spider’s web, or a brave soul making it to the top of the climbing wall for the very first time – campers are challenging themselves. Every day we are seeing campers face fears with new openness and understanding. The learning is not over yet, however, and in the days to come we hope to see even more growth!

- Audrey, Trailing Cedars 2 Counselor