Construction Projects Around Camp

By Sandy Schenck

We have begun several major construction projects at camp. First, we are building an addition to the back of our office to accommodate our new administrative staff.  The addition will also provide some much needed storage space and meeting space. In keeping with our sustainable traditions, the addition will be constructed using wood and stone from the Preserve.

Secondly, we are renovating our kitchen and the ort room.  In the kitchen, we are adding new bread ovens, new tile floors and expanding our pantry. We are completely redesigning our dish washing area to make it more efficient and tidy. Finally, the ort room is being enlarged and the worn and rumpled wooden floor is being replaced with an attractive stone-colored tile. Ort Man and Scrappy should be very happy with all the new upgrades.

Finally, after the successful test last year of a new tin roof on Big Laurel cabin, we are installing green tin roofs on four cabins, the Mentor Lodge and the Infirmary. The new tin roofs look great.  They are more environmentally friendly than shingle roofs, and perhaps best of all, the sound of mountain rain on a tin roof is like a lullaby.