Day 1

By Sandy Schenck

Slideshow of Day 1 (requires a password – see note below)

Summer has started!!! Camp is finally in session. After a vigorous 10 days of training, the staff exploded with enthusiasm at the announcement of kids coming to camp.

We were almost at “Full-Fun” capacity by noon. After everyone moved into their cabins, met their new camp family, and explored their new camp home, we headed to the Lodge for a delicious pizza lunch. Next the girls met in the Gazebo, followed by the boys, for the traditional GRP Respect Circle. Then everyone saw just how creative and energetic the staff are while they performed skits for Activity Sign-Ups. We also took a dip in the lake for Swim Review and boy was it COLD! After drying off and warming up, everyone went back up to the Lodge for dinner. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and cake for dessert. YUM! We all ended the evening with a very exciting game of Capture the Flag.

This morning was our first REAL day of camp. After breakfast we all split up into our Mentor Groups so we could go hiking around the Preserve. Caves, waterfalls, mountain top and so many other places were explored! We also had our first day of activities. Trying things like Yoga, Fly Fishing, Drumming, Theatre, and the list goes on! Tonight, after dinner, we will be having our Upper Council Fire, learning more traditions and history of the GRP, and listening to some great music and stories!

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