Day 11

By Sandy Schenck

It has been another exciting day at the GRP! Since today was the last day of mentor hikes, each group got to choose where they wanted to hike. A couple of groups hiked in DuPont State Park, around Fawn Lake; another group hiked up Reasonover Creek. One of those groups found a “stink” mushroom, so named for a good reason. Water and mushrooms seemed to be themes for the day; another group hiked down the Green River, finding a giganormous mushroom—it looks like a Disney creation! Two groups went up to the Spire, one hiking up Big Laurel Creek; they saw a pair of beautiful “destroying angel” mushrooms. Another group was particularly “fortitudinous,” according to their mentor, as they bush-whacked their way up to the Spire, with all of the challenges that bush-whacking entails.

Campers also participated in the last day of activities. One of our fly fishers caught a huge trout. Our gardeners planted some basil and weeded a patch of the garden. Campers were glazing the pottery they had made in previous activity periods; those will be fired, so they will be ready to be taken home in just a couple of days. For evening program, each cabin group got to choose what they wanted to do. Some went swimming in the lake; others were playing games in the field; others made camp-fires and roasted marshmallows for s’mores.

Campers head out tomorrow for GLP’s—Group Learning Projects. Stay tuned for highlights from those excursions!