Day 2 and Halfway to Grand Slam!

By Green River Preserve

By Delaney Ousler

Session Four is off to a whirlwind of a start! Not only did a majority of campers and staff see a black bear in the back field last night (that’s right- at Basecamp!), but one of our Mentor hike groups spotted a wild turkey this morning! It’s only the first full day of camp, and we’re already halfway to a Grand Slam. But wait- there’s more! While all of our campers were off on hikes this morning, Sandy and Crow managed to remove a live venomous Copperhead snake from a wood pile at Basecamp and successfully placed it in a clear container in the Pottery Room for all to admire. Although the Copperhead IS one of our highly contested Grand-Slanimals, this particular sighting did not count since it was captured by staff members. Nonetheless, we’re making fantastic progress!
After all the Grand Slam madness this morning, campers were mighty excited to begin their first activity periods of the session this afternoon. Campers crisscrossed the Front and Back Fields en route to Archery, Climbing, Yoga, Pottery, Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, and plenty more. The icing on the cake? Chocolate chip cookies for snack, of course Members of every cabin at camp couldn’t be more excited for Predator vs. Prey this evening- here’s to hoping the weather holds out for us! Cheers to Session Four here at GRP!