Day 3

By Sandy Schenck

Today was day three of camp. Our morning started just like the others, with breakfast and then mentor hikes. We have new members of the Polar Bear Club, some cave dwellers, and some climbers and fire makers. The group saw some serious bear activity at a camp out shelter this morning at Peggy’s Rock. Another group practiced stalking games and snuck up on a Wild Turkey! That already makes two animals in the Grand Slam! All we need now is a deer and a venomous snake and we will have an all you can eat ice cream party complete with a fireworks show!!!

The campers in session 1.5 left for camp out today after rest hour. Of course, it poured down rain the whole afternoon while they packed, and there was some pretty exciting thunder! While they headed out, the session 1 campers went to their third day of afternoon activities and then on to free time. A dinner for only half the camp seemed strange, but the ORT Report was something to see! There were hints of what is soon to be an epic battle between good and evil over GRP and the Planet Compost!

Because of the rain and storms, our scheduled night hikes were canceled and instead we went to the BB Skeet shelter for a campfire and some songs, stories and other fun presented by campers and staff.

Click here for day three pictures!