Day 3 Update

By Sandy Schenck

After a hearty breakfast of eggs, grits, bacon, toast, cantaloupe, blackberries, cereal, yogurt and… well, you get the idea, the campers divided up into their various hiking groups. And let me tell you, they certainly have come up with some creative names this session such as the Bioluminescent Narwhals, Wild Jersey Unicorns, Dragonbreath Salamanders, Precious Baby Angels and a couple of others which I didn’t catch, but will try to get tomorrow.

These brave groups did the usual hikes and performed great outdoor feats such as polar-bearing, head-dunking, climbing to great heights at the balds and more, but alas, no Grand Slam animal sightings. That’s okay because there is still time plus there’s a campout this weekend.

But wait, there’s more. We got chickens! Meg reported that we have 16 chickens in the coop and that one of them laid an egg last night. I’m sure once they start feeling more comfortable in their new home, we’ll see more eggs. They’re just probably a tad nervous. I know I would be.

And speaking of things that you would find on a farm, a group of campers visited the GRP Farm this morning and had the best time squashing potato beetles as reported by Anne, our farm manager. She said it, so it must be true. They also harvested some lettuce for the salad bar.

And since we’re on the topic of food, this evening the campers dined on pork tenderloin in marinade, Greek potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, cinnamon apples, rolls and for dessert, carrot cake. Lower Council Fire was the evening program.

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